Volunteering as an Editor

Volunteer - Editors are crucial to the success of the HopeNet - Entertainment Portal program. Our HopeNet Editors helps us ensure that the Entertainment Portal is a high quality and safe experience for the Hopefuls. Editors helps us select and prepare our recommended content items including websites, photos, videos, animations, and books through a process of screening and corrections. HopeNet uses Guides to recommend contents for the Entertainment Portal and each of these recommended content items must be screened and approved by an Editor before it is uploaded to the Entertainment Portal.

Once an item of content is received from a Guide, an Editor will screen it first to make sure it is appropriate and of high quality for the Hopefuls. For example, if the item of content is a website, then the Editor will scan the site to make sure that it is safe and educational, and is also functioning properly. The Editor will rate the website and ensure that the Title, Description, and Tags are correct. If all is well, then the Editor will approve the item of content and then submits it to the HopeNet Administrator to be uploaded to the Entertainment Portal. However, if the item is disapproved, he will write a short note explaining why and an email will be sent to the Guide explaining why the item of content was rejected. Then, the Guide will be given an opportunity to correct the issue and resubmit the content.

Editors can choose the number of Guides that they wish to work with. For example, If an an Editor chooses to work with 10 Guides, then he can, likely, expect each Guide to recommend and submit 2-3 items of content each week to HopeNet for editing. Which would amount to 20 - 30 items of content to be edited by the Editor each week.

Editors can expect to spend, approximately, 2 - 10 minutes to edit an item of content depending on the complexity of the item. Once an Editor has approved an item of content, he can expect to receive a notification of approval/disapproval from the Administrator withing 24 - 48 hours. If an item is rejected, both the Editor and the Guide will receive an email with a reason for the rejection. Editors receive acknowledgment and recognition for having edited an item of content. Once an Editors recommendation is approved by the Administrator, their name and item-rating then appears on the item of content and they also receive Hope-Points. Hope Street draws it Editors from a pool of volunteer students and adults. Persons who apply to be Editors must be recommended by an existing Editor and also must undergo a screening process.

You have enrolled as an Editor but is not cleared by the admin, yet. Until then, you cannot use this feature.