Volunteering as an Administrator

Administrators are the fail-safe for HopeNet. HopeNet Administrators screen, approve/disapprove, and upload the items of content submitted by the Editors to the Entertainment Portal. The items of content includes websites, photos, videos, animations, and books.

Once an item of content is received from an Editor by an Administrator, the Administrator will, then, screen it to make sure that it is appropriate for the Hopefuls and that it has been categorized correctly. The Administrator can also edit the content but the admin-editing is, usually, limited to minor editing. If major corrections are required, the content is submitted back to the Editor for re-visioning.

If the content is deemed appropriate for the Hopefuls, then the Administrator will approve and upload it to the Entertainment Portal. If the content is deemed to be inappropriate for the Hopefuls, the Administrator will disapprove it and will provide an explanation. Both the Editor and the Guide will receive a message from the Administrator informing if the content has been approved or disapproved. Administrators choose the number of Editors that they wish to work with. However, the minimum number of Editor is ??. For example: If an Administrator chooses to work with 5 Editors, he can expect to administer up to 150 items of content each week. Administrators can expect to spend 2-5 minutes to administer an item of content depending upon the complexity of the item. Once an item is approved, it is uploaded and appears immediately in the Entertainment or Entertainment Portals.

Administrators receive acknowledgment and recognition for having administered an item of content. Once an item of content is administered their name appears on the item of content and they also receive Hope-Points.

Hope Street draws it Administrators from a pool of volunteer teachers and adults. Persons who apply to be an Administrators must be recommended by an existing Administrators and also must undergo a screening process.

You have enrolled as an Administrator but is not cleared by the admin, yet. Until then, you cannot use this feature.